Lead Crystal Batteries


Powering change

Betta Batteries is a market leading power solutions company that develops and commercializes next generation batteries. A creative accelerator specialized in groundbreaking innovations and green technologies.

Our international team of engineers has unparalleled passion and vision. We focus on the commercialization of industrial batteries based on our unique Lead Crystal® technology, while continuing the development of innovative green power solutions. We want to give the industry the power to change.

Lead Crystal Batteries are robust, resilient and high performing

The robust and resilient characteristics of Lead Crystal® batteries make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Lead Crystal® batteries are being  used in telecoms, ups, petrochem/marine, defence, renewable energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion (wheelchairs, E-bikes, golf carts & trolleys).

Lead Crystal Batteries have the lowest cost of ownership

Lead Crystal® batteries can be charged faster (even at sub zero temperatures), discharged much deeper  (even to 0 Volt), discharged more often, and be used in a wider temperature range (-40 +65 C). In addition, Lead Crystal ® batteries require no special ventilation or cooling. All this results in a very cost effective solution and lowest cost of ownership.

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