IntelliCORE system

Finscan’s IntelliCORE integrates AC / DC power distribution, digital switching, monitoring and security. The success is not simply due to a product that just works, but a product that revolutionises the way boat power systems are designed, installed and operated.

The IntelliCORE system innovates in every way. Simplicity is at the forefront of the IntelliCORE design, with Plug and Play cabling for component connection, and intuitive touchscreen operation. With an arsenal of diverse networked modules such as the AC source manager, 16 output DC power distribution modules, multi channel Battery voltage / current monitoring, tank level monitoring, ballast tank controller for wake boats, security and many more. It becomes very clear when owning and operating a boat with IntelliCORE installed, that you are in control of a superior system, on a superior boat.

Three sizes available – 4.3″, 7.0″ & 10.0″:

  • 4.3″ – ideal for small boats or as a 2nd screen
  • 7.0″ – ideal for medium sized boats as a primary screen
  • 10.0″ – ideal for large sized boats as a primary screen
  • IP65 rated front

16 x Outputs, allow enough outputs to perform DC power distribution, integration and control of other systems from one PDU, cost effectively. Systems such as trim tabs, sunroof, wipers, anchors, hatch lifters and many more.

  • Terminal blocks for fast connection of loads
  • Standard mini blade circuit protection, with built in emergency by-pass socket. Allows for upgrade of circuit breaker size and sourcing of replacement parts anywhere in the world – by any technician & without software
  • High current connection points for DC power supply with built in fuse. Eliminates need for external fusing or circuit breakers
  • Eliminates need for external terminal block
  • 2 dedicated hot circuits to supply constant protected power to various systems
  • IP65 IntelliBUS connection

  • Accepts two AC sources
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Auto OR Manual TXR
  • AC supply source, voltage and current monitoring to touch screen

  • Pre-configured and simply requires supply and loads to be connected
  • A complete, intelligent, sealed AC switching solution that is connected to the IntelliBUS network
  • 8 outputs

  • Unlimited number of DC voltages can be monitored
  • 4 channels per module
  • Network to multiple displays
  • Monitors DC voltage (8 – 32 V DC)

  • Unlimited number of DC current sources can be monitored
  • 1 channel per module
  • Network to mulitple displays
  • Monitors DC AMPS with 200A – 500A shunts

  • Monitor up to 4 tank levels
  • Works with resistive & digital sensors
  • Operates on 12 – 24 V DC

Interior Switching


  • Glass touch panel switches – includes power supply cable & connector
  • Stylish, functional with no moving parts
  • Backlit for night use – auto dimming and wake
  • Available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 gang configuration
  • Customisation of button labels for minimum order quantity

  • One click connect and allows up to 16 momentary switches or digital inputs to be connected to perform switching, dimming tasks or monitoring on the intelliCORE netword of PDU and touchscreens.
  • Available as a standalone or built into and housed within the PDU-16

Security Systems


FinScan’s IntelliCORE security package provides complete, seamless integration with power and other onboard systems, from one supplier. Designed to be controlled from the same IntelliCORE touch screens used for power and monitoring.

Security and power systems become one with complete power and lighting control by the security system once activated. Features such as locking down the power system, turning on and off courtesy lights during arming, movement detection and image capture , SMS , MMS , high water, keyless entry are just some of the features easily made available when choosing to install the IntelliCORE securitycomponents.

  • Six zone alarm
  • Infra-red camera image
  • Wireless Option
  • SMS & MMS reporting
  • Keyless entry


  • 1. Six zone security alarm
  • 2. Touch screen controlled and monitored
  • 3. Infra red camera movement detection
  • 4. PIR sensor with optional wireless
  • 5. Magnetic Hatch sensors with optional wireless
  • 6. High water sensor
  • 7. Electric Door Lock
  • 8. SMS—MMS functionality with SIM card slot
  • 9. Local Image capture to SD card
  • 10. Available as standalone or IntelliCORE integrated

Fingerprint Switch

  • Keyless, secure, lock
  • Simple connection & setup
  • Programming & valet remote

  • Plug and play available for most engines – Volvo Penta EVC, Murcury SmartCraft, Caterpillar, MAN & more
  • IP66 rated

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