System LOGIX is the sales and distribution arm of Logix Group. Our product line is focussed on high quality Australian products specially designed for the intended market. System Logix will manage all aspects of design and build processes to exceed the expectations of the implementation. Logix are committed to all aspects of managing the project to deliver solutions.



Logix Group was founded with the vision of providing innovative systems and affordable corrosion control solutions. This fast developed business relationships across multiple industries where innovative solutions for protection, prevention and performance were required. Central to the aim of improving current manufacturing practices through supporting innovation and practical solutions to both trade and end user clients – Logix Group focus on training and education. To realize this vision, we are developing revolutionary building blocks – starting with affordable solutions and associated educational material and continuing the search for innovative products to develop this vision. To retain and build the team necessary for these developments, Logix Group is fostering a business culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to achieve this common goal.


Offering solutions in specialised vehicles, commercial and recreational marine, emergency services and correctional services to deliver productivity mobility safety and security.


Logix Consulting is a boutique firm that provides high quality professional services to the marine, recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle and off-grid power system industries. We are known for our creativity and problem-solving skills and clients highly appreciate our individual caseby- case attendion to detail. Logix Consulting specialise in building creative solutions that honour each project’s distinct features and are committed to integrating multiple aspects of design and engineering.

Our Creative Team

We are building the team necessary to realise our vision.

Brian Gatt
Brian Gatt
Technical Sales Manager

A long time boating enthusiast, Brian has a solid background within the marine, OEM and RV & recreational vehicle market.

Steve Ross
Steve Ross
Technical Advisor ( Victoria )

Electrically minded and a passion for Marine, being involved in the electrical industry for 25 years experienced in many style of electrical systems, industrial, motor control ELV, LV and HV and DC.

Jessica Gatt
Jessica Gatt
Managing Director